About Us

At SonoAid Imaging we offer a wide range of diagnostic ultrasound services needed to satisfy our physician’s and patient’s needs. We are totally committed to providing our patients with superior quality diagnostic ultrasound services that they need and deserve, with an assurance that patients are treated with respect and courtesy.

We offer outstanding personalized service, and deliver to our patients a level of convenience and quality that is unmatched by any other ultrasound providers. What set us apart from other ultrasound providers are our dedicated staff and our unsurpassed commitment to quality. We are dedicated to perform our work promptly, precisely, and professionally. Our outstanding reputation has been earned by continuously meeting the needs of our physicians and patients. We treat every patient the way we would want our loved ones treated and deal with every doctor as if they were our only referral source. We serve patients in the hospitals, convalescent and retirement homes and doctors’ offices, for the patients with mobility problems we provide house calls.

Quality and accuracy of the ultrasound examination is reliant upon the sonographer’s experience and type of equipment used.

Our professionals are the finest in the industry and have the best credentials, work experience, and professionalism possible. All of our sonographers have years of experience in their specialties and are credentialed by ARDMS and have successfully passed our own unyielding screening, evaluation, and orientation process.

The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) is a nationally recognized organization for credentialing the areas of the diagnostic medical sonography, diagnostic cardiac sonography, and vascular technology. Numerous practical hours and strict testing is required to obtain credentials.

We provide our sonographers with extensive training with the ultrasound systems used and encourage excellent patient care and customer service.

We utilize state-of-the-art fully digital diagnostic equipment, comparable to hospital settings but as small as a laptop. Our ultrasound systems are highly portable; steps and other obstacles are no longer barriers to service.

All procedures are interpreted by Board Certified radiologists and or cardiologists. Vascular Doppler exams and echocardiograms interpreted and viewed in a real time dynamic color format. Preliminary reports are available upon completion of examination. Interpreted signed reports are faxed within 24-48 hours of examination. Final reports are sent to referring physicians and chart copies are sent to the hospital for inpatients record. Significant preliminary findings on inpatients will be placed on the chart by the examining technician at the time of the evaluation at the physician’s request. Significant outpatient findings will be called to physicians the same day of the evaluation.